Riccardo Riccò and Amore e Vita

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I saw this article a few days ago about Riccardo Riccò and his meeting with Ivano Fanini, team owner of Amore e Vita, a small Italian Pro team. I think it is funnier than hell. I’m not sure why these guys what to publicize stupid shit like this. I think it is a case of the blind leading the blind. Or dumb and dumber.

The guy is making Riccardo an incredible attractive offer. The offer is that I’ll give you a pro contract if you cooperate with the police in the fight against doping. I assume that means he has to tell his story of his botched blood transfusion. And if that is the case, then that would be the end of his ability to race bikes for awhile, like forever. So, in reality, this is nothing. Just two guys that like attention from the media.

My favorite line from the article is- “Riccò could have won the Giro and the Tour like Pantani did, but he ruined his career and made everyone turn against him.” Wow, he could of won the Giro and the Tour like the great, but dead, Pantani. If only he could have followed in Pantani’s footsteps. Maybe if there are more guys like Fanini around, Riccardo will get a 2nd chance to end up like the great Pantani. He almost succeeded February 6th of this year.

Riccardo and Ivano discussing their plans for the future. Brilliant!

6 thoughts on “Riccardo Riccò and Amore e Vita

  1. jay moncel

    agreed. this is not news. this is ridiculous. what i find funny is that he is exploring an option with a new team when he just got done telling everyone he is leaving the sport. what the fuck? this is the second time he did this after he said he was retiring from the sport before he got sick from his crack addicted transfusion. so now he is coming back again and let me guess…he will give some bullshit story to cover, get busted again, then retire for a 3rd time. Ricco, save us all the drama and just leave. we don’t care about your 3rd comeback.

  2. Hudson Luce

    OK, the guy wants to make a lot of money, so what’s he got to trade? Name recognition, that’s what he’s got… so he does all sorts of outrageous stuff and gets his picture in the paper and on the news and so forth and so on, and sells advertising, and gets more press for doing outrageous stuff, and sells more advertising – and continues until he can’t pull it off anymore, at which time his income rapidly decreases forever.

  3. Hudson Luce

    OK, it’s obvious now. Fanini is a used-car salesman, and he gets free press every time Riccardo does something, free pic in the paper, gives Fanini credibility as a good guy on the side of the police, instead of being a crook or something, which is how the public sees most used car salesmen. It’s simple.

  4. unbelievable

    What is most unbelievable is that time and time again these guys get 2nd/ 3rd chances. Take David Millar. Confessed to doping. 2 years ban. Back riding…. giro leaders jersey. L’equipe have him as a 4/10 on the 2010 suspect list. Journalist Paul Kimmage has always given Millar a hard time, saw through the language he used. Looks like he is right.

    There should be one chance, busted, gone for life. Not only that you are gone from all sport. No roadie to triathlon etc etc.

    Look at NRC races this year. Look how many dirty riders keep getting rides. Then there are 22 year olds, clean as you like not being able to get a decent ride, doing it against guys who were dopers, are dopers always will be dopers because they know no other way.

  5. Mehh....

    Didn’t the eastern bloc guy that made everyone at Snake Alley look like amateurs last year ride for Amore? Maybe we’ll catch Ricco cherry pickin’ prize money in the Midwest next year too.


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