Iowa City Bound

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I’m off to Iowa City in a few hours. The weather looks pretty iffy, but I’m alittle iffy, so we’ll match. Bill, Brian and I are all going, along with Catherine and Nick Coil, who now rides for the Mercy Cycling Team. Plus Trudi and Bromont of course. Pretty full van.

We’re driving to Davenport, IA tonight and staying with Jeff Bradley. Jeff started racing again, semi-full time, a couple years ago. Well, really not that much, but he doesn’t do races in the spring and fall. Pro 1-2 races instead of masters. I’ve known Jeff since I was 17. He was the best junior in the country until Greg LeMond came around. And, he could beat Greg every once in a while because he was a little faster and smarter than Greg.

I’m deciding about racing Joe Martin after this weekend. I’ve done so little racing and trained so pitifully, that I can’t make a good decision at this point.

Trudi brought me a bunch of stuff back from Europe. Pictures below.

Junior Worlds Team from 1978. Ron Kiefel, Greg Demgen, Jeff Bradley and Greg LeMond.

This is an undershirt/base layer from a company that one of the team directors from BMC owns. It is impregnated with minerals and stuff that make you ride faster, I guess.

Here's a bracelet that goes with the shirt.

Signs for the garage.

Illy coffee from Italy.

I've been eating a bunch of strawberries recently. Wonder if Anthony picked these?

3 thoughts on “Iowa City Bound

  1. Thomas Prehn

    I chatted a few minutes today with Ron at the Bicycle Colorado Gala. He’s doing great and says his 2 year-old is keeping him really busy.

    Have fun this weekend.

  2. Mike Seal

    I have a Kiefel-related story. I work with some folks from Lockheed-Martin in the Denver area (I’m an east-coaster). I met someone who told me that she biked a bit and had a brother who raced in Europe “a bit.” When I pushed her for a more info she told me that her brother, Ron, was on one of the first American pro teams to race. Being old enough that the 7-Eleven team are among my heroes, I asked her if she was a Kiefel. She said yes and was surprised I knew the name. I just about shit – those guys were my heroes, not astronauts like a lot of other folks.

    Please keep up the great entries in your blog. Thanks


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