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Probably the most exciting portion of the race today. He seems to have lost his shoes somewhere.

“You go ahead and win, you’re so strong.” “No, you win, you have the numbers.” “No, you win, we don’t want to ruin your streak.” “OK, I’ll win.”

9 thoughts on “L-B-L Photos

  1. DavidR

    Yeah, seriously. Do the Schleck’s have any pride whatsoever? OK, 9 times outa 10, Gilbert’s going to win, but you hafta at least try. come on.

  2. Ritchey_Breakaway

    Seems the Schlecks weren’t the only ones willing to display their shortcomings.

  3. Peter

    Clearly a deal was cut. Think about it. Gilbert’s team has no real TDF contender. So the Schlecks cut a deal with a classics team just in case they need a hand during the TDF and tow Gilbert to the line and then sing his praises instead of racing to win like Garmin did against the oh so unstoppable Cancellara at Paris Roubaix.

  4. Jeff

    Please post something so that the lead picture begins to fall off of the page. How are your cats? Is the paint peeling there in Kansas?

  5. Ide

    There was absolutely no deal cut other than other than to keep the break going. In such a situation, Gilbert would win 999 out of a thousand times.


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