’89 Worlds

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It kind of seems the “I train harder post” turned into a “how great was” Greg LeMond post a lot of places. So, here’s a video of the end of the 1989 World Pro Road Championships to get your juices flowing for tomorrow’s race in Liege.

I talked to Greg about this race. It was up in Cable, Wisconsin, the night before Chequamegon, and we were discussing the difference between racing MTB and on the road. My premise was that you could ride into a road race when you were having a bad day and that if you were having even a bad 30 minutes in a MTB race, especially on a World Cup or World Championship level, you were buried. He said that he wasn’t having a good day in ’89. He said the rain rejuvenated his legs and he felt great after 4 hours. It is amazing how he chases everything the last 10 minutes of the race. And leads the sprint out. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “’89 Worlds

  1. Daniel Burkert

    Fignon obviously lost because he was dragging those Campy delta brakes around. LeMond was a great rider. (and) Seems he was right about a great many things.

  2. Ted Lewandowski

    Even more incredible is the last stage of the 89 TdF for anyone who has never seen it – about two months before the World Championship RR.

  3. webhed38

    One of my favorite finishes of all time. I remeber when Kelly joined the group, I thought “crap!, Greg will never beat him in a sprint” after all the work he had done.”

  4. cl

    Absolutely my all time favorite finish. Those guys were hitting each other like Ali and Foreman going toe to toe.

  5. Ritchey_Breakaway

    Wow, with all those weird cuts to commercials at the absolute worst times, I thought I was watching Versus.


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