Bone Bender 3/6

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Yesterday I didn’t race. Once again. But there were races going on. There was the Kansas version of Paris-Roubaix, the Perry-Roubaix on gravel north of town. And there was a 3/6 hour MTB race west of Lawrence. Bill decided to race the MTB race. I think he is in my boat and looking for some ways to change up a little. Brian was looking for a long ride, so he rode over from Lawrence to Topeka and met Catherine and I. We rode back over to Lawrence to see the end of the MTB race.

The weird part about going to this race was that I felt so out of place. I really did. And I’ve raced the Clinton trails lots. But, I haven’t raced a “real” MTB race in a few years. I do Chequamegon every year, plus I’ve ridden the Berryman race the last couple. But those events aren’t really MTB races. Well, Berryman is I guess. I need to get back into the MTB scene more.

I understand why this 3/6/long distance MTB races have become so popular. It is much more like a festival than a competitive race. From the outside looking in, it seems more like a cyclo-x race mentality. More people seemed to be just having fun and not stressing. The stress level at road races sometimes is a bit ridiculous before the race. The pressure seems higher. I can’t believe how many master guys are turning up positive in the United States. And these guys are MTB riders. It is so stupid.

Anyway, Chris Locke and the guys put on a great event. They had over 300 riders and all the free food you could eat. Clinton is super rocky, so most everyone seemed pretty hurt. April MTB racing on rocks, for a long time, sure reminds you how out of shape you get over the winter.

This pretty much sums up long distance April MTB racing. You have to be pretty darn beat to sleep on cement. At least her socks matched her cables.

Doug Long and Chris Locke. Two mainstays of Midwest MTB racing.

Bill looking kind of scrunched up.

See the apple in this guys hand? Right after this was some pavement. He put the apple in his mouth and rode a wheelie until out of sight. You gotta love singlespeeders.

It was a Lemans style start. Up a narrow hill. I guess it was pretty nuts.

Out of place on road bikes.