Amstel Gold Tomorrow…..

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Here’s a list of the this century’s race winners of Amstel Gold. This is a pretty depressing list for me. Talk about a high percentage of previous winners having a doping history. This is ugly.

3 thoughts on “Amstel Gold Tomorrow…..

  1. Mike

    More and more I can’t keep up with who has and hadn’t.
    If they’re going on record maybe we should asterisk
    the riders name or some form of recording into the books so we can keep up with who is clean and not.

  2. f

    The only one I recognize with a doping history is Vinokourov. Although I really don’t pay attention.

  3. Anti f

    If you include the latest news from Italy, I think all of them except Gilbert have a dubious past. It is really a shame.

    But that it is why it is so exciting when guys like Evans and Hushovd become world champions!


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