Creating Memories

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Yesterday I wasn’t too enthused about riding. It was so windy. And I felt wasted. Plus, it was threatening to rain all afternoon. But, late afternoon, I got so antsy that I decided to just put on some casual clothes and ride my MTB around town. I do this every once in a while just to keep connected to the city. But, I do it in a lot of different cities.

There isn’t a better way to actually see a city than to do it on a bicycle. Riding the alleys, going places that you wouldn’t normally go, for sure not walking. I’m not sure why it seems so much safer on a bicycle, but riding a bicycle in a bad neighborhood of a big city, doesn’t seem dangerous at all.

I passed a couple guys on the bike path, below an underpass. I had been thinking about not being out at Sea Otter like I had planned. I like Monterrey and Carmel. Plus, I haven’t ridden those races for too long. I was thinking about the ride over to Carmel through Pebble Beach scenic drive and having coffee. It is wonderful. I was thinking how money allows people to have great memories.

But, after thinking about it for a little while, I don’t think money enables people to have better memories. Just different memories. I was remembering sitting out on a deck, in La Jolla, high above the cove, drinking wine. It was a very nice place and a great view. But, then there were those two guys sitting below the underpass in Topeka, drinking wine. They have memories too. Just different. Who am I to decide whose memories or what memories are important to other people. No one. My memories are just my memories. Not more or less important than anyone elses. Different for sure, but not better.

As we all get older, we all experience different stuff. I think that what we should all be striving for is to be doing things that make the best memories for each of us personally. It can be something that might approach mundane. You never know when that mundane activity will transform itself into a life memory.

I sure could use some personal bike racing memories soon.

This guy made a little shrine out of his boat in his backyard. That boat must of held some good memories for him.

The kitten, Fritz, isn't such a kitten anymore.

These guys, The Westboro Baptist Church people, create mainly bad memories. Fred Phelps is their spiritual leader. He bought 10 pianos, at one time, for my dad way back.

The Jawhawk Tower.  Full of memories.

7 thoughts on “Creating Memories

  1. rostafarian

    Good stuff, I really like the area around the VA Hospital, kind of swampy. You definitely don’t feel like your in the middle of Topeka.

    On a side note, with Perry-Roubaix on Sunday any thoughts or memories on racing gravel.

  2. Neil Kopitsky

    OK, your elementary school principal (and chess partner) was the principal from “Brown v. Board of Education” and your dad got pianos from Fred Phelps? I suppose your grandfather repaired the house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the West, right???

    I have always thought you were the Forrest Gump of American cycling (with twice the IQ, obviously) but apparently you have a certain ubiquity as a Kansas citizen as well. Hilarious.

    And really great blog today. Thanks.

  3. Hudson Luce

    Everyone takes Fred Phelps so seriously and no one makes fun of him or his church. What would the world be like if people laughed at the Phelps gang and exposed them to public ridicule everytime they ventured out?

  4. austin

    Great comments, I have wonder many times, “how is steve so good and consistant?” Today you revealed a small part of your winning mentality. “we all experience different stuff. I think that what we should all be striving for is to be doing things that make the best memories for each of us personally.” If only the rest of the world could be as open and accepting as you, perhaps we would all be more consistant and ‘win’ more. Another example of how bike racing can change the world. If we quit being so ethnocentric, we could all share many more great memories.
    Keep sharing memories and your unique POV , love the blog.


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