Whining too Much?

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I must be whining too much. I’ve been getting a bunch of emails suggesting ways to “feel better”. They span anywhere from allergy ideas to probiotics.

Then this morning, I received an unmarked package that contained a bracelet that is supposed to increase physical performance. It is called Energy Muse Jewelry. Seems pretty strange. I wore that balance bracelet with the hologram for a bit. (I never crashed while wearing it.) I don’t really go for these holistic jewelry things, but this looks pretty cool, so I’ll give it a try for a while. I just went to the website and they have a long list of famous people that are wearing their jewelry. David Beckham is the first guy, but he’s wearing the health “charm”, not the performance.

Anyway, whoever sent this, thanks. Obviously you think it is a good thing. Hopefully it works. I’m not too sure about cleansing it on the soil of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours or in sunlight for 4 hours. That’s kind of out there, but maybe that recharges it or something. I’ll try to keep an open mind.

6 thoughts on “Whining too Much?

  1. Cheese and crackers

    Yes. You are whining a lot. We all know you never feel “good.” Can we just leave it as that from now on?

  2. Hudson Luce

    Steve’s been racing for 37 years now, that’s longer than the lives of a lot of people who were born, grew up, had a racing career, and retired. Most people have an active Pro 1,2 racing career of 18 years – 16 or 17 until their mid 30s. Steve’s gone more than twice that… it might be time to retire, or it might be a time to get off the bike and recover from the lung infection he got this winter (and still went out and did training rides when he probably should have recovered his health instead). Whenever he does retire, he’ll still want to be out there racing… that part will never change.

  3. Brent

    Being your age I dont notice too much whining. You should read some of the self absorbant and self centered blogs of triathletes!

  4. Calvin Jones

    Mr. Tilford,
    You have a sickness, and I have the cure. CYCLE SPEEDWAY.
    Leave the spandex behind. Just a few days now to find a team, but with your connections, you can do it. Apply your skills to the flat track, show us the new World’s jersey next week.


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