Monday Blues

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Mondays suck when I don’t race on the weekend. I’m not sure why that is. Probably because it seems like the start of a mundane week. I’m kind of in a mental funk. At least for me. I think I might be looking at the glass half empty more than half full. It is strange how much my mental state mirrors my physical state. Physical state in relation to how well I’m riding my bike. It doesn’t seem right, but it is the way I’ve judged myself so long that is it ingrained in me. I think I need to work on it.

I thought Paris-Roubaix was pretty great yesterday. Cancellara is unbelievable. It is rare that a guy that is marked by the whole field can nearly overcome that. Johan Van Summeren was impressive and I liked the outcome. But I like it much less this morning after reading the following quote by Thor, his team mate –
“Today, Peter Van Petegem did a good job. It was he who gave the message that Van Summeren should attack, and it worked 100 percent. We got paid for our teamwork, and I was also a strong part of it. When we end up winning the race, it is fantastic for us.”
Garmin brings in Van Petegem to be the puppet master. It takes the specialness out of the move.

I rode a fair amount over the weekend. It was over 90 degrees on Saturday and in the mid 80’s yesterday. On Saturday I rode to Lawrence on gravel. The wind was blowing over 40 both days. The river road is nearly the only way to get out of that wind some. I like the wind. I’m good in it. Except when it is at my back. I hate riding with tailwind. Actually, I like riding with tailwind, I hate racing with tailwind. I’m not good when the wind is strong from behind.

I have started rebuilding the windows at the building again. It is amazing how much difference there is in old wood and new. It is depressing. I’m on q quest for more old wood to fabricate into new frames.

Brian was 11th at Battenkill yesterday. He said he jacked up the sprint. Maybe that is the reason that I’m in a gloomy mood. I hate missing epic races. There is always next year I guess.

Gravel hill near Lawrence.

Keith and Bill yesterday riding by a burnt field by Dover.

Difference in old/new. The upper piece is so old I can hardly count the years. Amazing.

I don't have that many woodworking tools, so the craftsmanship is a bit primative.

Ate the first spinach of the year picked from my garden last night. That is always good.

I got this email today. Click twice to enlarge. If you want to send me the $$$, I'll make sure that Alexi gets it and returns to the USA soon.

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  1. Ted Lewandowski

    That’s definitely written in Nigerian English – trying way too hard to sound proper is always a good tip off.

    Click to see the email header as that will reveal the actual sender’s email address.

  2. tilford97 Post author

    Cattle gain 10 kg or so more weight if they are eating new grass. And it’s a natural fertilizer. But the problem is that half the fields they burn have no fencing, thus no cattle. It is BS.


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