Paris-Roubaix Warm Up

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Here are a couple videos to get ready for tomorrows race. The first one is a short video of the 1990 finish between Steve Bauer and Eddy Planckaert. Trudi was at this finish with Steve. The next is long-A Sunday in Hell. I hope that Bjørn Selander has better luck this year than last. It is so cool he is racing Paris-Roubaix again so young. I bet his dad, Dag, is going more nuts than he is normally.

4 thoughts on “Paris-Roubaix Warm Up

  1. Ted Lewandowski

    I wonder how many centimeters Bauer lost by – probably still haunts him to this day?

  2. Daniel Russell

    I saw Dag win a criterium in Oshkosh Wisconsin in 1983, Pepsi-Lowenbrau Grad Prix of Cycling. I did not fare as well in my race earlier in the day.

  3. John Pullar-Strecker

    I remember the Planckaer-Bauer finish vividly, and seeing the side on photo-finish in Cycling magazine. Planckaert won by the width of his tyre.


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