Not Sitting That Great

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I like watching bike races. I’m looking forward to watching the Tour of Flanders tomorrow on the internet. But, I’m not that big on watching races that I was racing. It might take a little alcohol to get me past the morose feelings I have.

That being said, riding badly or having a bad race doesn’t make one a bad bike racer. But, it does challenge one’s self esteem, at least for a short while.

I have a ton of options of super fun things I could be doing today. Up in the mountains at a super cool house in Idyllwild to going to the beaches. But, I’m going to stay here and watch the criteriums. I am a bike racer. And that is what bike racers do.

It is going to be nearly 20 degrees cooler here today. But, there is a ton of smog already and its not even noon. Burning back in Kansas, or smog here in Southern California?

Going to get on my bike, get some coffee, and see how bad I feel riding around Sunday’s Sunset Loop Road Race. It is a beautiful residential area up on the ridge above the city of Redlands, where the beautiful people live. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

Took a little stroll last night down these abandoned tracks to think.

2 thoughts on “Not Sitting That Great

  1. Seis Pendejos

    Steve, we all you know that you have heaps of experience. But _please_ remember that two days ago it was still March for cryin’out loud. It’s a long season. And a lot of riders get way too wound up for the beginning of the season. You’ll still be having fun in August and September.


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