Stage 1 – I don’t have a good feeling

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….about this. It could be ugly today. The walking up stairs test failed miserable this morning. I’ve got lots of other quirky tests to mentally offset that though. The problem for me is going to be the heat. And the distance. Might as well throw in the speed too. But, you never know. 120+ miles at 90 degrees on a hard course with wind, on paper, seems a little severe for me today. But, I didn’t suck as bad as I thought yesterday. But, I was in pain. That is not so normal for me now. Usually when I’m riding badly, I don’t suffer too much.

I ran into Axel Merckx eating breakfast this morning. I thanked him for sending me his dad’s book for Christmas. He looks super fit, like he could be racing here. Pretty nice guy.

This 9 am start is a bit early for me, but it is good for the temperature. It is hardly 70 now. Better get going.

Beautiful sunny Southern California day. Photo of the Prologue TT hill.

2 thoughts on “Stage 1 – I don’t have a good feeling

  1. Hudson Luce

    I sense a Kris Tilford-style psych-out going here, you sound just like Kris did the night before he set the Kansas state record for time trailing as an old man of 46 years, namely 25 miles in 50 minutes and some odd seconds…

  2. Stanley

    OK you are in sunny beautiful California racing your bike while the rest of us mortals are matter how “ugly” it gets…no sympathy here!


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