Ricco – An example of how good drugs must be.

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Here is an article on Riccardo Ricco, describing what he’ll be doing this Friday. And here is an excerpt from the article –

“I haven’t seen the police documents but I’ve got my medical records and there’s nothing written on them. It’s all been made up,” he continued. “He [the doctor] says one thing and I say another. But I was almost dead and don’t know what I could have said. Let’s see what the [blood] analysis says. I didn’t say absolutely anything to the doctor.”

This quote proves how good drugs must be to enable a guy as stupid as this to win so many races. Dumb guys don’t win bike races. At least on a constant basis. This guy did. He contradicts himself in just 3 sentences. I “don’t know what I could of said.” Then, “I didn’t say absolutely anything to the doctor.”

I’m not sure why he is even showing up at this hearing if he’s not racing ever again. I thought he wanted to be done with this silly sport and be a barista.

Maybe he was just misquoted and I’m all wrong on this.

“Stay back, I swear I’ll jump.” or “Can I interest you in a nice cappuccino?”

8 thoughts on “Ricco – An example of how good drugs must be.

  1. @Druber

    That’s not a double negative. Nothing=negative, anything doesn’t.
    There was probably something lost in the translation.

  2. Chris

    Hilariously, double negatives are standard Italian. “I don’t like anything” should be translated as “I don’t like nothing” or “Non volgio niente.”

    However, I think Marky D. was making a joke.


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