10 thoughts on “Night Gardening

  1. Jeff

    He drives a van, has long crazy hair, and now he’s digging in his yard under a floodlight at midnight. Yep, he’s burying hitchhikers.
    Just kidding Steve. One day you’ve got to start a bike camp to let your fans come out and see all this stuff first hand. Thanks for your great site!

  2. Daniel Russell

    This picture was taken by the guy that rides his lawnmower while walking his dog because he found his neighbor’s behavior odd.

  3. taylor

    hey texas…thanks for the link. i graduated in 88. i thought those guys hung the friggin moon!. i love tilfords blog. we’ve morphed into a site recalling our youth and the greatness of an american band called R.E.M., who in my eyes was only 2nd to U2. the Bono and the Edge made me wish i was Irish.

  4. tilford97 Post author

    I was hoping someone was going to make the R.E.M. connection. That and Night swimming are great songs. Night Swimming –

  5. taylor

    R.E.M. played a big role in my late high school early college days. Love their early stuff. Them plying South Central Rain on the Letterman was my introduction to the crew from Athens. i should also thank you for turning me on to Josh Ritter…very little quality music is played on the radio. I don’t get it. Anyway, always on the lookout for new music to put on the Ipod. Ritter definately makes the cut, so thanks.


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