North America’s Top Riders to watch out for in 2011? WTF????

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I know that publications and internet sites have to write about something. They need content. But, Kristin (author) must of been a little off her game when she came up with this article and list. Here is the article from that is all jacked up.

The feature article is about North America’s top riders to watch in 2011.

First of all, 6 out of 10 riders on the list aren’t even from North America. So it seems that the title of the article is misleading. One other, Svein Tuft, who is Canadian, ie. North American, was on a Pro Team the last few years and finished 2nd in the World Time Trial Championships a couple years ago. So, if we’re including Svein, we need to include every rider from Europe. We might as well list Chris Horner, Tejay Van Garderen, Cavendish and Cancellera.

And, Lawson Craddock? Lawson is a very good bicycle rider. But, he is 19 and last year he was a junior. I beat Lawson in a week ago Sunday in Austin, on a hard course, when I was riding on one lung. He is very young and needs some time to develop. He has a ton of potential. But, that wasn’t what this article was about.

So, Lawson is on the same list of best North American riders with Francisco Mancebo? 35 year old Francisco, who in my mind, legitimized Operation Puerto, when, on day one, when he left the 2006 Tour de France and instantly announced that he was retiring. Then, when Puerto got all messed up in red tape, came back riding for Rock Racing? It is a insult to Lawson, or any other rider, to be included on a list with him. I have no idea why he is racing in the United States. Maybe Gord can call Franciso’s partner in crime, Óscar Sevilla, and convince him to come back here to play.

Anyway, I know a lot of times I don’t really have much interesting to say. But, if you have nothing interesting to write, don’t replace it with an article that is insult to all the other riders from North America.

Trek-LIVESTRONG’s Lawson Craddock, Gavin Mannion and National PRO Champion Ben King. Ben must of not qualified for the list somehow. Maybe he’s too much from North America or just too good already.

7 thoughts on “North America’s Top Riders to watch out for in 2011? WTF????

  1. Wayde Tardif

    Gavin Mannion is a kid who should have made a list like that. We’ve been watching him mature into a really good rider and pretty terrific kid to boot.

  2. Daniel Burkert

    Maybe Mancebo is a “rider to watch” for exactly the reason you mentioned. He’s likely to generate some pharmaceutical style drama? lol

  3. insider

    Somebody needs to call out Cyclingnews more often for this crap. Leaving out Ben King but including some guy from Russia who Team Type 1 thinks is going to win the Tour of California? Serious WTF!

  4. tilford97 Post author

    Hey-We could all come up with a list of riders to watch in North America. Lots better than most on this list. Some of the riders on the list would qualify. There are lots of problems with the piece. But, in my mind, the article is so messed up because it doesn’t name the best guys riding in North American or doesn’t name the best North Americans riding in the US. It names a bunch of foreigners, that aren’t even the best guys racing here. It is just a strange list of riders to have on one list in general.

  5. DavidR

    Steve, although you’re not a “pro” journalist, your stuff is very interesting and a must read for a lot of us out there. I’ve often seriously wondered why Velo News (or somebody) doesn’t actually hire you to write for them as your blog entries are way more interesting than 90% of the ‘articles’ they put out. Anyway, I was quite puzzled by the article as well.; it seemed a little thrown together at the last minute.


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