Photos from Lago Vista Texas

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It’s super windy and cool. It’s going to be a tactical race. I think I’ll be watching from the field most the day I hope. The wind is gusting over 30. Lots of gutter riding on a 6.5 mile loop. That might not be do good for “the home team”.

The finish hill is harder than it looks below.

I finished 2nd on both days in 2008 and to Health Blackgrove again on Saturday in 2009. That’s probably not happening this weekend, but I have suprised myself in the past a few times.

The best line I’ve heard so far today is – “the wind is picking up in Lago. Leave that deep dish shit for pizza.”.

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  1. Texas rider

    Fun course …In the lower categories I see more dropped chains at Lago than any other course.


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