UCI & Floyd Suit?

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I posted this little piece a couple weeks ago about the UCI threatening to sue Floyd if he didn’t retract all the nasty things he said about them in 15 days. And now, 15 days has come and gone with nothing printed about the upcoming court case. And, I’ve never seen Floyd retract a word.


I would have just loved seeing the discovery in that case. Here is the definition of discovery if you don’t know it. Basically it is that each side has to hand over all the evidence/documents/etc. to the opposing side. That isn’t exactly right, but it’s close. And this is the very reason that the UCI isn’t going to officially file anything against Floyd. They don’t want to open themselves up to the discovery process, which could potentially be very dangerous for them. Why threaten when you know you’re not going to pull the trigger, ever? Probably to just try to discredit Floyd. Make it look convincing that you’re being truthful. That’s the only reason I can think of.

Hopefully I’m wrong on this whole thing. I’d love to see the outcome. But why put a 15 day time frame on a threat and let it pass?

Here’s the best link to make light of all the negotiations between the parties. Pretty great.

I'd like to see this again.

Maybe he needs to use his left had to swear in next time? He kind of already has.

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  1. Twisted Spoke

    As usual, this is just UCI hot air. They’re in Europe, Floyd is in California so even if they were awarded damages, no US court is gonna recognize the validity of the judgement. UCI– all bark, no bite


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