Handmade Bicycle Show – Austin

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I was at the Handmade Show for a few hours yesterday. I can’t get too far without running into someone I haven’t seen for a long time. That is a highlight.

The show itself it unbelievable. Way better than Interbike in Vegas. There is way more passion here. Austin is the perfect place to host this show. It should be here permanently. Here’s a link to a the Dirtrag site of beautiful pictures of the bikes of the show.

I’m not good physically. The antibiotics didn’t do a thing. I have no voice. So, I don’t really have any reason to go back to the bike show because I can’t really talk.

We got out for a couple hours yesterday late. I have been feeling alright riding. Not yesterday. I sat on all the way back into the headwind. This is getting old.

Bill and I went out to dinner with Jimmy Mac. We went over to South Congress and had Mexican. The Airstream trailer food selection is crazy. I’ve never seen anyplace like it in the world.

We went by Mellow Johnny’s after to check out an industry party. I was pretty done already, so we just checked in and out.

Talk about losing my mind. I woke up at 5 am with a jolt. My mind had finally sorted out everything I brought and I don’t have my road frame. I guess that saves me a few hours standing on my feet. I have road cranks, so it looks like I’m going to be riding on an Eriksen ‘cross bike this weekend. Racing – hopefully.

Lug display at Richard Sachs.

Jimmy Mac.

Helping a Richard Sachs fan out.

Most of the displays are true artwork.

Nick Frey from Boo.

Ben Raby from SRAM and Slant from Rapha. Black is in.

Mexican on South Congress. One hour wait. Great food.

Texas breakfast. Perfect for a sick guy.

Bromont in the back looking for squirrels. He is way over heating here.

Austin trailer app for the iPhone.

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