Austin Texas Bound

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3 hours sleep and now driving to Austin. I’m in Oklahoma already. The North America Handmade Bicycle Show is there this weekend. I’m taking some wheels to Kent Eriksen for his show bike. Austin is starting to seem like a second home. And it is 80 degrees there on and off the next week. I’m racing next weekend in Lago Vista. They are running the Sunday’s race counter clockwise, which is going to be really hard. If I don’t stop coughing green stuff out of my lungs pretty soon I’m going to be going back to the doctor. It doesn’t seem like these antibiotics are doing anything except making my legs feel like jello. Okay. Better concentrate on the road.

2 thoughts on “Austin Texas Bound

  1. JimmySTL

    Quit going to your Dr.! Find a good natural Dr. that is good with herbs, oils and other supplements. I had Epstein Barr for two years and my regular Dr. kept throwing antibiotic at it and nothing would work. Natural Dr. got everything under control and I feel tons better.

  2. Zach

    most people (95% over 35) have had Epstein Barr Virus, if you get it later in life and your susceptible it gives you mono. Sometimes there are reactivations since it never “goes away”. Being super healthy doesnt hurt, but time cured you, like the other 10 billion people in history that have had it.
    Steve just needs to have some serious rest. Hes slightly down but getting after it still.


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