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This guy finished 3rd, running/limping across the line at the Kerin World Cup today in Manchester, England. He won the Kerin title overall with the “finish”. Here’s the link to the Youtube video of the final lap and crash.

I’ve had locust thorns in my fingers do the same thing as this. It looks like it is going straight through his leg bone, but it is just in the soft tissue. No biggie.

On a brighter note, American Sarah Hammer won the women’s omnium at the same event. Article here.

6 thoughts on “Track Racing

  1. Ted Lewandowski

    Well it would suck even more if he had nothing due to the crash – the price you pay for track racing!

  2. webhed38

    I remember watching Ken Carpenter having popcicle stick sized slivers being pulled out of his back at the ’92 olympic trials in Minneapolis. Gotta love track racing!!!

  3. Seis Pendejos

    Hey Steve,

    I know you are a tough guy (said respectfully, not sarcastically), but did those locust thorns keep you out of world championship events six weeks later?


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