Photos from Tour of Oman

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Here are some photos that Trudi took the last couple days in Oman. The race there is hard for the support. And the riders. There is a lot of driving before and after each stage, making it an early morning and late night everyone. Gets long.

The Greeen Mountain finish climb from today's stage.

Finish line at the top of the climb.

One of the feed zones that are in the middle of nowhere.

Not sure what this is?

Tom Boonen hanging before the start.

Different dress for sure.

3 thoughts on “Photos from Tour of Oman

  1. Hudson Luce

    Or maybe it should be a cold day in Hell before they ever hold a bike race (or any other sort of legitimate event) in Bahrain again:

    this video depicts the cold-blooded murder of peaceful demonstrators by automatic weapons fire, not 20 feet away from the cameraman, you can see the blood streaming from the bodies in the street.

  2. Sean YD

    The “fortress-like” building is a castle. And interestingly enough, the Green Mountain finish line wasn’t even halfway up the mountain. I guess it’s too early in the season to ask the guys to climb more than six kilometers (at an average of a 10 percent grade). Expect more teams to bring climbers to this race next year.


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