Kayle Leogrande

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Here’s a remorseful video from Kayle Leogrande I saw last week. You have to listen closely. I had forgotten he was back available for competition this year.

I think I quailify as one of those he “wronged”, since he won The 2006 Elite Criterium Nationals and I finished 2nd. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. He didn’t seem as supercharged there, as later on at SuperWeek, ect. He took Brian Jensen to the cleaners at Holly Hill, when Brian was having an on day.

Here’s a link to his website. He doesn’t seem to be as remorseful there as on Youtube. And, here’s a link to the Cyclingnews forum on the subject. The comments are all over the place.

Everyone should know my views on the subject by now. I don’t really believe in 2nd chances in situations like this. I think we’ve given people too many 2nd chances already. Racing bicycles isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.

6 thoughts on “Kayle Leogrande

  1. Rick Stevens

    Pretty pathetic if you ask me! Doesn’t even identify what he did wrong, other than “made some mistakes”. Second chances are getting old, as these guys don’t seem be remorseful or change there ways.
    Third this guy looks nothing more than a tatted down grease ball! But that just my opinion.

  2. Cross Dude

    What companies would actually sponsor this guy?? Their almost as bad as the doper himself…now on a lesser team, he might be more prone to dope, trying to get noticed by a high profile team……viscous cycle!

  3. Gary

    Sounds more like self-justification than an a apology to the wronged. Additionally, If I was him I wouldn’t need to read off my list of new sponsers, I would appreciate them enough to have them memorized! They are definitly going out on a limb for this guy! I wish guys like this would do us all a favor and just know when to fold ’em

  4. Ericka

    “A tatted down grease ball” just about hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately I was close friends with this guy for over 4 years. Kayle is not one to ever admit he is wrong and he doesn’t have a humble bone in his body so I think this video is utter bullshit and a poor attempt at trying to just stick a bandaid on a gaping wound and try to “make things right”. I can tell you firsthand he is not honest in any area of his life. Agree with you Gary on guys like this knowing when to fold ’em..


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