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I’ve been breathing a lot of it. Salt that is. Maybe my memory is bad, but I don’t remember having much of a problem with breathing salt dust in the winters past. That isn’t the case the last few days. It is a problem. I rode 4 hours today and I still have a drippy, scratchy throat 5 hours later. I’m pretty positive the whole process is not that great for your health.

I’ve been flushing my sinuses with those sinus rinse things after the ride. And go figure, most of the contents of those packages is salt. So, I’m washing salt out of my sinuses with salt. Kind of counterintuitive .

I’ve been trying to put a bunch more salt on my food recently too. The BMC nutritionist said that endurance athletes should be consuming just about as much salt as they can stomach. Since I have never salted any food before, I probably wasn’t getting enough. I’m going to be seeing if that helps the cramping issues I’ve had historically.

And, I watched the movie Salt recently. Could all this be a coincidence?

Anyway, unless it rains pretty soon, I don’t see a way not to encounter dusk clouds of salt on all the road rides. My lips are that happy about the situation either. Any ideas out there? I don’t have any except going somewhere else to ride.

Edible organic salt.

Salt mine in Texas.

Angelina Jolie as Salt.

6 thoughts on “Salt

  1. Mr. Frack

    Not too sure about eating more salt. People that eat a lot of salt sweat a lot of salt, thus causing cramps. I would think don’t eat much salt and start drinking salt in races early would help more than over doing salt.

    Also on the sleep blog, you should get checked for sleep apnea. Ask your house members if you snore a lot or have pauses in your breathing. Sometimes older athletes desaturate at night and cause tiredness the next day. Good thing for you are just a kid.

  2. Noel

    You might try a cheap dust mask or bandana. I just moved from Virginia to Maryland and the seem to brine the heck out of the roads up here. I have a couple of stretches that look almost silver when the dry out.

  3. Ken

    Just eat a pizza from Pizza Hut. There is so much salt in their pizza that if I eat more than 1 slice it feels like I’m developing congestive heart failure.


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