Finally Flying to Belgium for Master’s Cyclocross World Championships

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I’m finally on my way to Belgium. No sleep. One bike. Two sets of wheels. Plus some other stuff. I had this grand idea that I was going to start rotating my day forward and go to bed way early so I’d be close to European time. That didn’t work at all. Instead I went to bed at 2 am, which is 9 am in Belgium. I’m racing at 11:30 am on Saturday, so that is like 4:30am Topeka time. Whatever.

I rode the last two days in Kansas and can’t complain. I feel pretty good on the bike. At least as good as you can with all those clothes on.

I’m leaving Kansas City at noon and have a 3 hour layover in Washington D.C. from 3 to 6 pm EST. I get to Brussels at 7:45am their time. Hopefully I can sleep the whole way in First Class and not get caught up in all the food, movies, ect.

I’m staying at the course in a cabin. Seem pretty ideal. Hopefully it will be. I’ll try to update this as often as I can. You never know how easy it is going to be to access the internet in foreign countries.

Alright, I need to get driving the 80 miles to the Kansas City airport. It is super user friendly.

Decided to use the travel agent, roll-a-ma-jig on both front and rear. The TRP CX9 brakes work awesome.

Pile of stuff before it went into the bike bag.

My dinner last night. A little lazy I guess.

View coming back in from riding yesterday.

Tim Johnson had an awesome ride in the World Cup yesterday finishing 12th, less than a minute back on the winner.

2 thoughts on “Finally Flying to Belgium for Master’s Cyclocross World Championships

  1. Ted Lewandowski

    Actually the internet access is better in Europe – I was in Poland in September and most restaurants had free internet via wifi – some roadside restaurants even had free access with a pc available for free.
    Brussels Airport – as in a lot of airports in Europe – has the rail in the lower level and great bus service.

    Watch out for the cab drivers that DO NOT put their meter on and then want to charge you in dollars – happened to me – but I called the local police over and the driver took off.

    Also, 1st Class or Coach – international flights are usually packed and loud – and in 1st class they will wake you up every time they come around with drinks unless you warn them ahead of time.


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