12 Hours and I’ve Made it to Chicago

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United Airlines suck. I sat in the Kansas City airport for nearly 8 hours and flew to Chicago to catch a flight to Brussels that had left 45 minutes before I was supposed to arrive.

Now I have a flight leaving Chicago after 9 through London, and arriving Brussels at 3 tomorrow afternoon. Economy class all the way.

I don’t mind the mechanical and weather related issues that I’ve experienced today. I mind the disinterest from the employees of this airline. I specifically asked the gate person about making the connecting flight in Chicago and she told me the departure gate #. She said nothing about the flight leaving in 30 minutes when the flight to Chicago takes 1:20.

Then the same treatment in Chicago. If I ran this airline, I’d fire each and every employee I’ve dealt with so far.

So, two days of no riding for me. Not the greatest way to start this trip. It probably isn’t going to get much worse. At least I hope not.

So, I’m just sitting in the Red Carpet Club in O’hare listening to the KU game on my iPhone. Gonna be a long night.

Okay. My bike isn’t on the plane. Wonder where it is? This is just getting better and better.

One thought on “12 Hours and I’ve Made it to Chicago

  1. Ted Lewandowski

    Sounds like a horror show – hope you’re flying a European airline to London/Brussels as I flatly refuse to fly ANY domestic airline to Europe. 99.9% I fly Lufthansa with no problems ever – excellent service – and if the flight is overbooked they pay for your hotel – meals – put you on the next flight and give you a free ticket (for future travel) plus cash. You just need to volunteer EVERY TIME you check-in at the ticket counter – no matter what – unless you absolutely have to get there.


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