December 31st, New Year’s Eve – Back in the Saddle

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Yesterday we got in 4 hours. And it was really windy. Extremely. I felt like shit the first hour. Skiing, driving, antibiotics, whatever legs. I started feeling better after a couple hours. We stopped and got coffee in Lawrence after a couple hours. I felt better on the way home. Most of the ride was on gravel. It was super tame though. Hardly anything I even worried about flatting on. The temperature topped out around 70 yesterday after, but by 7 pm it was down in the 30’s. And, that is supposed to be the high temperatures today.

There is a cross race this afternoon in Kansas City. I don’t think it’s in my best interest to race this afternoon, but you never know. There is another race on Sunday. I’ll probably do that race if I’m still in Kansas then.

Speaking of cross. Here’s a link to Joseph’s column from yesterday. It’s a hard time to be racing over in Belgium recently.

I need to practice riding in sand. I watched a video of the Mol course and there is a ton of riding in deep sand. I wouldn’t call that my forte’. But, I’ve never ridden super deep dish rims in sand. I think that is the key. I think I’m going to go down to the Kansas River and mess around on some of the sand bars this afternoon if I don’t go to the race. I looked at the river yesterday while we were riding and it seems to be a bit high. I’m not sure if the normal sand bars will be there. Kris will know. He’s down by the river dog walking all the time.

Man, it seems like the weekend and it’s only Friday. I lose track of the days of the week all the time when I’m not racing on the weekend. Especially when Christmas and New Year’s are thrown into the situation.

Since it’s the last day of the year, it might be an appropriate time to say something about this site. Nearly 400,000 viewers came to this site this year. Only 13,000 last January and now nearly 60,000 in December. I don’t know whether that is a lot or not. I do like the way it puts me back in contact with people I haven’t heard from for a long time. But, I guess facebook would eventually do the same thing.

I don’t really have any deep insight into why I started doing this or how long I’ll stay at it. I do know I get a lot back from it. It is strange how many people are interested in stuff that seems mundane to me. Or, how little interest people have in stuff I’m super interested in.

I live sort of a “free form” lifestyle. Being able to deviate from any given direction at virtually anytime is probably the definition of that. I’ve made some choices/sacrifices throughout my life to have the opportunity/luxury for this freedom of choice. I value that a lot. But a lot of it is just plain luck. I’ve never been one to pass up something that perks up my interests. I feel pretty lucky that I found an occupation/sport/lifestyle in cycling that seems to fulfill most of the requirements to satisfy the way I’m wired.

I wish I’d given a little more attention to the written language in school. I wasn’t big on subjective subjects. I’m not big on subjective sports either. I can barely read an article written about me. And I have much less patience for rereading what I write. I’m trying to change that, but it is a bit like pulling teeth. It is mildly embarrassing having so many typos, but that seems to be the way I tick. I have worse faults.

Okay. Enough of this. Thanks for reading and participating in this. It makes it worthwhile. I hope everyone has a good New Year.

Bill climbing in the Kansas heat, December 30th.

It is always nice riding near water.

Here’s a little New Year’s Eve Cyclo-X video. Master’s World’s course from last year.

13 thoughts on “December 31st, New Year’s Eve – Back in the Saddle

  1. Dan Fox

    Happy New Year Steve & Trudi.

    I enjoy reading about where your free form lifestyle takes you, especially when I’m sitting in the office.

    You are a great story teller. I hope you keep it going in 2011.

  2. WildCat

    Steve, I really enjoy reading your blog. When blogs became popular I read a number of them, maybe around a dozen, now yours is the only one I read. I was born and raised in Kansas and have raced on and off since I was 16. Reading your blog is a great way to keep up with lots of different things that interest me (and I really like how you post nice photos of the wonderful Kansas sunsets every so often). However, the best thing about your blog is that you post (almost) every single day. The main reason I stopped reading other blogs is because a lot of bloggers suck at posting on a regular basis. I know it takes a lot of energy, time, etc. for you to do this so please know I appreciate it very much. You give me a nice break in my (sometimes quite stressful) days at the office and often get me pumped to keep logging those miles. Thanks Steve. Have a great new year!

  3. Will Black

    Way less sand than you think.The section right at the start that heads towards the lake is by far the worst. Pretty easy to make it about halfway just with your momentum, then if you can hit the lines you can make it to the turn. If you have to run it you can still go almost if not just as fast as the guys riding. After the turn and along the water it s pretty packed and then there is a very short little sand section that takes you away from the lake but it is rideable every lap as long as no one is in the line.

    The rest of the course the sand gets a packed line by race day and you can rail through it. The course is kinda like a really fast mountain bike trail, sweepy turns through the trees and plenty of traction.

  4. Neil Kopitsky

    I used to have a “Little Zen Calendar” with daily Koans. Now I read your blog. I’m pretty sure your blog is a better path to enlightenment.

    Chop wood. Carry Water. Train. Race.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Rich M.

    Happy New Year Steve,

    I’m not sure how long I’ve been reading your blog but I know its been at least a couple years. I started mtb racing the first year you won Chequamegon and as a midwestern guy in his 50’s I like to see you do well at the races. Keep writing and I’ll also keep reading.

  6. trey

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us Steve. Your honesty is refreshing…no bullshitting or dancing around issues. You’re human just like the rest of us (except a hell of a lot faster), and I think that’s what draws people to your blog.

  7. John Sandberg


    I started reading your blog a year ago and it remains one of only two blogs I check daily.

    Yours offers great insight to many subjects, including racing, training and life. Good stuff.

    From my perspective as a mid-40s dad with mostly-normal 9-to-5 job, your stories offer a great escape/adventure during my day. Thanks for providing that… I truly appreciate it.

    As for your question: “Is 60,000/400,000 visitors a month/year good?”

    Yes. Very.

    You could charge for advertising space (seriously).

  8. Julie Stark

    Like many people have already said, your blog is one of the few I read. I have an office job which I don’t really like, but it pays the bills. I ride my bike to work everyday and I do a little running – those are the things that keep me sane. I enjoy living vicariously through you – thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Vic

    Steve, this blog is great and obviously many people in addition to myself appreciate the time and effort that you put into it. Thanks and please keep it going!


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