T-1 hour ’til all day ski

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The double Birkie is in a little more than an hour. I hate this early morning stuff.

We rolled into Cable yesterday around 5pm. Bromont started going crazy with his nose against the air vent about an hour out. He starts shaking like nuts about 15 minutes to go. He ran around wild for a couple hours. I got on a trainer. Really. I did. I think the last time I clamped my bicycle into a trainer was maybe 5 years ago. Once. And probably that long until the time before.

I hate riding trainers. I hate sweating all over, even though I had the room temperature down to 50. I had my headphones on, so I could stomach it for a little over an hour. Showered and went down to the Sawmill to meet up with most of the other cyclists that are skiing today.

There is way too much chocolate, cookies and alcohol here at Dennis’ right now. I’m going to have to exercise more than the 9 hours I’m doing today, to keep the weight off.

Better get a couple more pancakes down before we take off. I’ll let you know how it goes.

It is nice riding a trainer in a building you built.

All the puss and infection seems to be gone out of my knee. Good thing because I finished the antibiotics yesterday. Good riddance!

Dennis making pancakes for the gang.