A little Beat in Steamboat

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I slept pretty great last night. 10 hours. I haven’t been sleeping much the last couple weeks. We finally got out to ski at the Catamount Nordic Center outside Steamboat Springs. I haven’t skied in such an open area ever. I’m so used to skiing in the woods that skiing with such vast views is amazing.

Tammy Jacques met us. I haven’t seen Tammy for years. Since she stopped MTB racing way back. She has a couple kids, but is back riding and skiing, obviously. She won Mt. Evans Hill Climb this year, so she’s staying pretty fit. She is skiing pretty good. There has been a ton of snow up here this year, so there have been a ton of ski days. It was nice catching up.

We skied for over two hours. That was about enough for me. I didn’t notice the altitude too much. My legs were pretty wobbly the last bit. It is always so, so great taking off ski boots. I’m not sure why that is, but it is a fact.

I got to drive Kent’s BMW back to his house. It has AWD and traction control, plus Blizzak tires. It drives like it is dry pavement. Accelerating and stopping. Nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Very cool.

I might head down to the hot springs tonight. It is only 1/2 a mile down the road and is open until 10:30. Maybe that would help the festering sores on my leg.

Tammy and Kent at the start.

Pretty great open conduroy.

Just about back.

Cold at the finish.

This not so little fox was just hanging at the Ski Center.

This house is just off main street in Steamboat Springs. Pretty nice house, but I'm not sure it fits in so great here.

2 thoughts on “A little Beat in Steamboat

  1. joe houston

    Dude, they have these things in Steamboat called Ski lifts, the carry you up the slope so you can use gravity to pull you down. Very little work? Its nice to relax your legs every once in a while.

  2. Hudson Luce

    I’m sure hot springs will help festering sores … so will warm saline. Hope the other people at the springs are OK with this, though.


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