Stuff I heard at Cross Nationals

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“Steve, I want to shake your hand. You kicked my ass today and kicked my dad’s ass yesterday.”
Standing in line at the bike wash after the Elite race.

“Ride, Santa Claus, ride!”
At the Clydesdale race late Saturday night.

“Is your girlfriend here? No, she doesn’t like me when I get muddy.”

Said by a guy with the wrong girlfriend.

“I had no fitness, so I drank 2 PBRs before the start to get some confidence.”

At the Deshutes Brewery by a 30-34 master.

“I suck in this stuff. I haven’t had to wash my cross bike for two years.”

Said by a guy from Los Angeles.

“I got to meet Bromont in Bend….mighta been the highlight of the trip!”
Comment on blog by Jonny Bold

“I raced last Sunday, didn’t ride once last week, washed my bike yesterday and raced today.”

Eric Tonkin at the post race party after finishing 16th in the Elite race, starting a million guys back.

“Think it will be colder in Madison next year?”

Rider who might not realize it was 55 degrees and/or might not realize where Madison is located or that the race is in January.

“Tilford, I want to have your baby!”
Yelled at me by a semi nude, fat, bearded guy, during the Elite race.

4 thoughts on “Stuff I heard at Cross Nationals

  1. K

    I swear part of the reason CX nats are in Madison in the middle of winter is to reduce attendance.

    People realize it will be only seven weeks before the Birkie and only 250 miles south, right?

  2. Erik Tonkin

    Steve, it was good talking to you the other night. I’m sure I’ll see you out there–I’m not smart enough to stop. I am, however, smart enough to not train much!

  3. Joe Wells

    That dad comment is hilarious. My dad still races 65+ and hangs on with the Cat 2’s and stuff around here. Cycling is such an awesome sport that you can do for so long, and every once in a while, even at an advanced age we can fool ourselves that we still have what we had at the age of 20. Okay, maybe fool ourselves more than once.


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