Bend-Cross Nationals Course Ride

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We made it to Bend around 1pm. We just got dressed and headed over to the course. The streets were pretty sloppy. Nothing like the course though.

The course is just about the same as last year. Except it isn’t frozen, as of now. That makes it pretty untechnical and really just a hard pedaling course. I’d prefer something more sketchy, but it is what it is.

The whole course was snow covered, but had turned into a lava pond by the time I got out there. There is definitely a line everywhere, but there are places where the standing water is 6 inches deep. The ground is super abrasive, so it rips through your brake pads and cruds up your cables instantly.

Thursday, Catherine races at 11am and has a flight out of Redmond at 1:30. She’s cutting it pretty close, but has an important meeting she can’t miss on Friday. Ned is racing at 2:30 I think. I’d like to watch that. Sometime before or after all that I have to get over to the time trial course to do a lap. I’m not too concerned about the TT. I should be going good enough not to be lining up too far back unless I just blow it somehow.

I’ll post some photos Thursday. I got way too wet and cold today to do much more than just ride and clean up. It is amazing how cold water zaps your legs. I am kind of beat, as of now, and I can only see it getting worse.

Ate awesome lasagna that Erin made. Bromont was a little bored after dinner.