Got to Portland – Driving to Bend

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Got to Portland yesterday. Man, that is a beautiful airport. You could go there and shop for Christmas. Check out the photos below.

I’m staying with a friend who I went to high school with, Jim Thiele. He runs the company that makes all the blimps you see flying around the sky. I saw a couple of them in LA and San Diego last week. We’re all going down to Bend tomorrow. It is supposed to be super snowy at the top of the passes and you’re supposed to have chains with you. I don’t have chains. I have an AWD van, but no chains, so we’ll see.

We planning on leaving early, to ride the course some in the afternoon. I’ll let you know the low down as I see it. Til then.

Photo of the concourse of Portland International Airport.

Check out this banner over the moving sidewalks. They advertise power outlets.

And here is the lady playing her harp.

And the strangest place for a Starbucks ever. Between the escalators at the baggage claim.

Here are some super high rent wheels that Jim has. Pretty crazy. More expensive than my road bike.

New SwissStop pads all around.

While I was out in the garage, here's the action going on during the KU game.

Part of the chaos in the garage tonight.

One thought on “Got to Portland – Driving to Bend

  1. trey

    Steve…careful on the passses w/o chains. I’ve seen people get tickets in OR for not having their chains in their car, even though they had AWD. If the signs say that chains are “required”, they’ll nab you if you don’t wear them.

    Good luck to you and all of the KS crew at Nats.


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