Mechanics at Work

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I just got a text photo of my guys up in Portland prepping my Dugast tires so I can glue them on tomorrow when I get there. Just got done packing my bike. I have a bunch of extra stuff, so I have to distribute it accordingly. I never like to have my bike bag weight too much. Partially for the $$$, but mainly for the chances of them screwing up my bike. The tend to throw it around way more when it is unwieldy. Okay. Going out to dinner in Del Mar and then it is up to Oregon.

Bill and Jim sealing up my tires.

Quite a miss mix of pipe insulation.

Here's a photo of the new Shimano 980 pedals. These pedals are awesome. It feels like you are riding a fixed road pedal. Crazy stable.

We have unbelieveable sunsets in Kansas, but there is something to be said about the sun setting over the ocean from the top of a hill.

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