La Jolla riding

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I made it out to San Diego last night. All yesterday’s posts seemed to have gotten “lost” in a new server update or something. It doesn’t really matter, but kind of bugs you that you spend time doing something all for nothing.

I’m back on in La Jolla near the top of Mt. Soledad. It is around a 1000 foot climb when you figure going over the top and then down and back up. I’ve been coming to the San Diego area to ride for a long time now. It has changed a bunch. Way more congested. But, if you’re out riding on your own, it’s not a problem.

Today I’m going to just ride out of La Jolla up to North County and do a Rancho Santa Fe loop. Probably stop at the bakery, that I posted some photos off a couple weeks ago, and then ride back. 3 hours. Lots of climbing. Easy on the mind. It’s supposed to be nearly 70 today here. Totally calm. Sometimes I wonder if riding is too easy here. The miles go quick because of the views. There isn’t a ton of Kansas type wind to fight. And the temperatures are nearly perfect. It doesn’t seem right for some reason. The opulence here applies to everything. The real estate, automobiles and especially the weather.

Okay. Better get out now that the traffic has calmed down.

My view as I write this.

This was at the baggage claim in the San Diego Airport. Claim device? Guess the haven't heard the phrase baggage carousel.