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I guess the end of this week is the of the Coor’s Classic era here, so I guess I should continue it. I got a email from Alexi Grewal yesterday saying that he has started a website and blog. I thought, “wow”, I hope he realizes how much energy that takes. I checked it out. It is okay. You should go to his blog and read the few articles he has written. Click here. You will see what he is up against for this “come back”.

I’m hesitate to judge what chances I see of Alexi making a return to professional cycling. I do know that it is a very hard sport and life endeavor. From his writing and emails, I know he has went through some pretty tough times since he retired. But, to be truly successful at sports, you need to be passionate about it. When you’re passionate about something you do full time, it’s a no loose situation. The results become secondary. The money secondary. Alexi calls cycling, a “project”. I’m pretty sure that he has enough stacked against him to try to come back to the sport and treat it like a project. He needs to try to rekindle the memories and emotions that he once had to be truly successful.

As long as were talking of our “old selves”, here is a link to Richard Degarmo’s facebook page. Richard was the Michael Aisner of Texas in bike race promoting terms. the Czar of Tour of Texas. He’s posting photos of the good old days every day or so it seems. Most are of women, of course.

If you click on the buy stuff link, it takes you to eBay where you can buy an autographed Alexi Grewal long sleeve.

Alexi signing a autograph before. Check out the snow fencing.