Hollywood to Kansas

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I flew back to Kansas early yesterday morning. It was down pouring rain at 5 am. I love Southwest Airlines. It is so predictable. If you are flying with a bike, then it is a no brainer. $50. I don’t understand why all these other airlines can’t take a look at what Southwest is doing and emulate them.

I was pretty antsy watching the cross race in Griffith Park on Sunday. That is a good thing. I’m pretty sure I am going to retry my hand at racing this weekend. Either in Memphis or locally here in Topeka.

Sunday we went for a 2 hour ride in the Hollywood Hills West of Griffith Park. 2 hours – 19 miles. It is super steep. The roads are alot like Europe, but maybe narrower. The houses vary anywhere from 10000 sq. ft. mansions to 800 sq. ft. shacks. It is pretty weird. But really interesting. I’ll post some photos.

The weather here is nearly better than California right now. But, not for long I assume. I think I’m going to the gym sometime soon. At least that is my intentions right now. I hate the gym with passion.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t congratulate Brian Matter for winning the Iceman last Sunday over Todd Wells, JHK, Brent Bookwalter, and others. I’m always routing for the local midwest guys in these races. There is something to be said of knowing your race course. And your competition. Brian knew both. Before the race I was telling some friends that I thought Todd would probably win, but Brian would be right there. I’m glad I was wrong. I’m sure Tristan played a part in the victory too.

Alright, just riding my bike this week and doing some normal life things. I think I’m allergic to Kansas. That isn’t good.

Photo of the Hollywood sign from afar.

The Griffith Park observatory.

Looking up on one of the thousands of winding streets.

Looking down into one of the canyons.

Kind of a cool house.

Devon Haskell with the lightest cyclocross bike I've seen. 15 lbs.

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