Riding in Southern California

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I’m staying in La Jolla, Ca with some good friends, Don and Sue Sutton. I’ve known both of them for a long time. Sue for nearly 30 years and Don just a bit shorter. Sue finished 2nd overall at the Coor’s Classic one year and won the North Boulder Park final stage. She was 2nd at the World’s TTT also. Don rode on the Levis Team with me at the Coor’s Classic and is an all around super fit guy that does more sports than anyone else I know. They live nearly at the top of Mt. Soledad. It’s always an effort trying to keep up with Sue on the weekends.

I decided to skip cyclocross racing and just ride here this weekend. We didn’t get out the door until nearly 9 am, which is a couple hours later than normal. We did a 60 mile loop through Rancho Santa Fe. It is pretty much one of the nicest places to ride in the world. Bar none. Super scenic and awesome roads.

I’m heading up to LA. I’ll probably go by the UCI cross race to check out it out.

Coast riding.

Sue and Catherine climbing back up Mt. Soledad. It is quite the climb.

Pastry selection at the bakery in Rancho Santa Fe.

Planes flying over the top of Mt. Soledad.

Wine cabinet that Don handmade. It is full of lots and lots of unique wine.

Sue and Catherine toasting during afternoon snack in La Jolla.

I saw this bike parked in front of Trader Joe's in Pacific Beach. I wasn't familiar with the brand.

The GMC Denali shifter postion.

I found this iPhone 4 out dog walking on Fiesta Island. I left a couple messages and the rightful owner called. Boo!

Ranger on his bed after his jaunt to Fiesta Island.


2 thoughts on “Riding in Southern California

  1. Nathan

    I always see the GMC brand being sold at our local Dick’s Sporting Goods store. I’ve heard that putting a seat on a pile of scrap metal and pedaling would give you a similar ride. The price reflects that, but any bike is better than no bike. The grip shifter seem like a cheap selling ploy geared towards (err.. designed for) people who have never ridden road bikes. Too bad.

  2. Scott

    lol at the GMC bikes – I got my kids a pair in 24″ wheels, decent for the price. A lisght step up from the Wally world stuff. But very slight. The handlebars separate in the middle, like a Bike Friday. Freaky. I replaced ’em.

    Great posts lately, glad to see Knickman and crew.

    p.s. the CAPTCHA thing is too difficult for my weak brain. Remember you’re dealing with bike racers here!


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