Last Day and a Half in Photos

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Bill's status most of the drive.

We don't have cedar available like this in Topeka.

Materials loaded ready to head up into the mountains.

Alittle MTB riding before driving up. The City of Denver in the background.

Dessert last night. Awesome.

Vincent is really into oatmeal. I've never seen some many different types at someones house.

Waking up in the morning. There is way more snow on the ground than I thought.

My view for most of the morning.

Bill dicking around with something.

We should get way more stuff done today. I can't believe how many calories you burn at altitude, freezing cold and wet. I need to snow seal my boots again.

Pascal was lost and I found him in Bill's room, door shut, wearing Bill's shoes and playing with his watch. All while eating a bowl of noddles.

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  1. Judy

    Looks like FUN?? When you’re done there you can go to Heidi and Shane’s and do their bathroom. UUHHH that would be fun???


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