5 thoughts on “Pez Cycling Interview

  1. missylynn

    Way cool article on a way cool guy! He’s right – they don’t make ’em like that anymore!

  2. JP Shores

    Thanks for interviewing an icon and true example of a pro cyclist! We are fortunate Steve lives and races in the midwest. Best of luck in New Zealand!

    We will repost this on our SPIN! Blog!

    Jp shores

  3. VC Slim

    “broken ribs that are the worst”. Agreed. I’m nursing seven of ’em right now. Happened at the last race of my 25 year run. Bike is okay though.


  4. Gibble

    Wow, nice shot of you next to David Farmer from the ’90 Dupont crit. I wonder where he ever ended up?


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