Colorado Bound

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I’m packing up and heading to Silverthorne Colorado this morning. Fence building expedition. 400 + feet. I’m a bit worried about digging the post holes. I think it is going to be a mini excavator job.

While I’m freezing my butt off at high altitude, I’m going to figure out what I’m doing the rest of the fall. Collecting UCI points isn’t going to enter into the mix. There are over 100 guys in the US with UCI Cyclo-X points. USAC and the UCI have to come up with a different way to score cyclo-x if they are going to keep lining the riders up by the points they randomly give out.

Sunday after Berryman, I drove up to St. Louis to do a little cyclo-x critique. The local ‘cross scene there is pretty healthy. There are lots of reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is Mike Weiss, owner of Big Shark Bicycle Company. Every city could use a guy like him. He promotes the sport for more reasons than just business. His business allows him to indulge in his passion, which is the sport of cycling. Anyway, the Bubba Cross Series is his doing. The course kind of sucked in cyclocross terms. But that didn’t matter. The participates were super into it. The woman’s field had over 30 starters. That is amazing. Most of the women I asked give the credit to Carrie Cash, Team Revolution. She puts on numerous women’s specific cycling clinics and has gotten a lot more women involved in the sport. Pretty big effort for someone that races full time herself.

I’m going to stop through Steamboat and visit Kent Eriksen. Dennis Kruse left me a message yesterday that they are grooming above Steamboat for skate skiing. I was thinking about throwing my skiis into the van, but then thought better of it. It’s still October, bike racing season.

Talking to Mike Weiss at the Bubba Cross.

The woman's start at the Bubba Cross.

Some of the C race. I love the snakey look of a cyclocross.

I saw this guy riding down the street, heading to the food bank for some free food.

Sunset coming in from the ride last night.

It turns out that Lilly is really a Larry. But, I think he is still going to be called Lilly. He is not catlike.

I was grabbing tools last night and realized I have way too many tape measures. But, it seems impossible to find one when you need one. I'm only taking 4 with me to Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Colorado Bound

  1. Nathan

    How are the UCI points random? I saw the changes as a sign that the US cyclocross is getting some respect from the Euros.

  2. Aubree Dock


    The women’s racing scene in STL is spectacular! I’m a little envious, actually. I’ve heard numerous times of all the women that show up for TNW, when most Tuesdays I’m the only woman to be found in KC. I also hear of 15-20 women hitting the trails together on a weekend, that’s just crazy awesome! I’ve recently been thinking about how I could help grow the women’s cycling scene here in KC and contemplated something similar to a Team Revolution that all the local women could be part of, no matter who they race for. I guess my 2 reservations are time and experience…I work a ton on top of racing/training AND I have less than 2 years of racing under my belt and can’t answer all the questions that so many other veteran racers could – like Carrie. If anyone has any ideas on helping to grow our women’s scene, I’d love to hear them!

  3. tilford97 Post author

    Random. That might not have been the best word. The US isn’t getting any more respect. The US promoters are just paying to get a UCI status in hopes of attracting more riders. USAC isn’t assuring that there is a equitable allocation of points throughout the country. I can’t blame the UCI for USAC laziness, I guess.


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