Berryman Epic T – 12 hours

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We drove the 5 hours to Southeastern Missouri to the Berryman Epic. We got to ride the first 11 miles of the course. I had forgotten just how rocky and technical this race is. Unbelievable. I only flatted twice in the hour we rode. I have the heaviest tires I own on my bicycle now. I’ve never raced a MTB bike this heavy since I won the NORBA Nationals in 1983. I can’t do anything else. I have a cup of latex in each tire. If I flat now, the Gods are argry at me. Or it is a full moon. But, that usually sends luck my way. Okay. I need to eat and get some sleep tonight. Less than 6 hours the last two nights. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Titanium and carbon fiber, but it still weighs 10 lbs more than my road bike.

I'm prepared this year for flatting.

The trail is solid leaves right now. It is only a 70% change of rain, so it can only get slicker.

Catherine crossing one of the handmade bridges. Last year these creeks were waist deep. Maybe again tomorrow.

Bromont loves it here. Tomorrow he gets to spend the whole day in the woods.

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  1. Jim Cummins

    Try running a WTB Nano on the front, and a Maxxis CrossMark on the rear… both tubeless at about 25-28 psi. I’ve run this combo for years with no problems… and love it. In my opinion, the Nano is the perfect front tire, except in clay mud situations where it will pack up. It floats in sand, rolls extremely well on hardpack, and steers well in almost any condition. I even used this combo last year at Berryman, and as you surely remember, it was wet as heck. Good luck. I look forward to a full race report.

    Jim C.


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