Worn out Stuff

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I was so worried about my wheels yesterday, I completely missed the rest of the bike. I haven’t ridden this bicycle since the BTEPIC last October. And probably not once the year before that. Anyway, I couldn’t believe that I could own or ride a bicycle that was this worn out. Everything was toast. The chainrings, idler wheels, disc brake pads. Everything except the chain and cassette. I never have a worn out chain and rarely have bad cogs. Anyway, I need to keep up more on the mechanics, obviously. This year I’ve raced six different bikes. Road, TT, 2 cross bikes and 2 MTB bikes. I guess when you have so many different bikes you’re riding at any given time, it can sort of fall through the cracks. But, this was a fissure. Check out the picture below.

I was planning on driving to Berryman today, but now am not going to leave until early tomorrow morning. It is supposed to rain and have thunderstorms all day Saturday. A 60 mile MTB on sharp rock horse trails in the rain. I’m definitely not trained for that.

I guess I ground all the teeth off last year at Berryman.

Lower pulley.

I couldn’t help but posting this photo. I rode over to the car wash at midnight last night to spray off my MTB bike. I coated the chain with diesel and then power sprayed it. Afterwards, I went across the street to Walgreens. This was the cart of the lady behind me in the checkout line. I had often wondered who bought all that junky/trashy stuff they sell at Walgreens. And here was a cart completely full of it. Plastic everything. Even bamboo. There were tons of people shopping there buying lots. At 12:30am. Makes me want to buy the stock.