Fall is here.

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It is finally fall weather here in Kansas. Pretty perfect. Nice during the day and cool at night. I rode MTB on gravel and realized I love this time of the year. It’s not as good as spring, but it is great.

I saw this place on the internet to get cheap Castelli clothing. Only for the next day I guess. It’s called The CLYMB. It is some type of outdoor clothing club. If you’re looking for some good bib shorts, tights or gloves, this might be a place to look. Here is a link.

I got clobbered a little in Apple (AAPL) stock yesterday. Just enough to buy some more after hours yesterday and make over $10 a share this morning. The stock just had record everything sales, but didn’t sell enough iPads. If you ever go into an Apple Store, you’d feel obligated to own the stock.

I made a jig to repair the windows in the building. I have been researching the whole new window/repair window thing and realize that the replacement window disinformation that we’ve all been fed over the years is just that. It’s kind of like the aluminum storm windows that all the houses have. How did people get convinced those things did anything but break? They add virtually no energy savings at all. There is a company that makes crazy nice storm windows. It is called Harvey and they have a storm window called Tru Channels. The normal air penetration of a storm window is ridiculous. The Harvey window only allows .03 cubic feet of air, which is unbelievably little. Remember that low-e glass, especially on a storm window, will show a dramatic improvement in energy savings over clear glass.

I’m trying to get some new forks for my MTB bikes before this weekend. I’m going to Mark Twain National Forest and doing the Berryman Trail Epic. It is nearly 60 miles on mainly rocky single track. I’m thinking if I can get a new fork for my 29’r, I’ll ride that, but if not, I’ll ride my 12 year old YBB with pretty beefy tires. Last year I flatted a tubeless tire pretty early and kept flatting tubes the rest of the day. I hear that Brad Huff it going to make a return after a year hiatus. He’s racing the Tour of Hainan in China that finishes today. He won a stage and was 2nd yesterday. I’ll just ride with Brad a while and let him tell be China bike race war stories. Not a bad way to pass time for the 5 hours in the woods.

It is amazingly hard trying to build your own flat surface with today's wood products.

Breakfast yesterday. The best part of making homemade pizza is the bread left over to make frenchtoast the next day.

There are miles and miles of these surrounding Topeka.

The culprit, the mother cat. She is nearly a kitten herself. I can't seem to catch her. She has popped out at least three litters of kittens that I know of/have been responsible for.

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  1. DR

    Gravel is fun, especially now with the farmers bringing their crops in. You should come up to Lincoln next August for Gravel Worlds. 150 miles of rock road fun.


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