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I’m going to race cyclocross in Tulsa this weekend. There are two races with great prize money for cyclocross. $1000 to win the first day and $500 the second. I’m not sure why most US races have restricted their prize lists to the UCI suggested standard. Races like CrossVegas should have a $20000 prize list. Cross racing is getting so much more participation, but the prize lists don’t seem to be following suit.

Okay. Sorry nothing more is going on. I’ve been hanging at the building rebuilding windows. Just getting sore really. Not much progress there. The kittens are perfect, but feisty. Better get packing.

I was eating lunch on the roof of the building and watched this bag fly around for 5 minutes. It was like a little tornado continuously. I looked away for a second and it just disappeared.

I saw this small plant growing out of the window a couple months ago. I just left it. I'm not sure how it gets any nourishment.

This bike was at a recycle bike shop in Lawrence. I rode an almost identical bike to this for Raleigh. Complete with Suntour components.

The kittens love each other.

2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. confused

    would that raleigh you rode been for michael fatka? i saw a bike very similar in his Ames store about 17 years ago or so!

  2. Mark Blount

    I think I bought your old Raleigh from Michael years ago. It lives in New Mexico now. It has a mix of Suntour, Campy and Shimano parts fromback in the day, plus some Modolo brakes. I put on a modern carbon fork but all of ther rest of the gear is from the period. I have ridden it a bunch. It is still in great shape!


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