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Click here for an interview with Alexi Grewal. I’m sure there are going to be a bunch of these in the coming months as long as Alexi can keep his eye on the target. Like I said before, it should be interesting.

Alexi is on the left wearing the mining helmet.

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  1. Tom A

    Sorry to hear he is not doing that well. But he seems happy in a way only Alexi could. I remember the 89 tour of Texas and him sitting up in the middle of the field on the last stage and ripping his leaders jersey off. He had lost the race on the last stage when Alex Steida got away and gained enough time to take the overall. Broz and Craven were in the break. Quite sure Alexi was not to happy with Wheaties that day.

  2. Neil Kopitsky

    “I have $300 dollars to my name and the rent is paid a month in advance, so things aren’t so bad.”

    Well, at least it’s pretty safe to assume he’s not doping these days.

  3. poyntell

    Seems like a pretty interesting dude to me. I think a come back is definitely in the cards. Racing is about heart and grit—he’s got both.

  4. Ted Hopkins

    I read the article on Mr. Alexi Grewal. I am a fan of his and hope he does come back to riding and racing. I stopped racing once and came back after years out of the sport. The talent that once made him great is still in him I assure you.

  5. Ethan Froese

    I still remember him at super week – I think it was 87 or 88 sitting out on the back side of the course and then hopping on the front during preme laps. He would get the preme or help M. Whitehead get it. We complained afterwards but were told by the officials – “Hey it’s Alexi, what do you want us to do?” It’s funny now.

  6. Ken Harkin

    If he needs a real bike helmet and can wear a medium Specialized S-Works, I have one I’d be glad to send him. It’s brand new, never been worn, still in the box.

  7. Jim A

    I’m REALLY enjoying this story! Steve, I hope that you continue to follow it closely AND add your own unique perspective and experience. It just makes it SO much more interesting and rich.

    Better fortunes, Alexi!!! 😉


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