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Guess I’m driving over to KC for a local cyclocross later this afternoon. It is near perfect weather for that. Ian (BMC) mechanic didn’t make it to KC until after 11pm, so he’s here and heading to Boulder later this morning.

Tomorrow is another local race, but there is also a 100 mile gravel road ride in Lawrence. I did that last year and is going to be very had to miss. And, I plan being partially crippled after the race today. I guess there is a bunch of running through long sand pits. I hate sand. It just jacks up your drive train and makes the rest of the race unenjoyable because it’s in your shoes.

The woman’s finish at the Worlds is pretty good. Click her to watch it. I like the Flemish. Seems like Nicole Cooke and Judith Arndt kind of blew it. They had a big enough gap and screwed around just long enough not to get on the podium. And the Swedish girl, Emma Johansson got pretty unlucky running into the crowd. She probably should have won in a perfect world. Marianne Vos had to go when she did. She didn’t do anything wrong. She had to go from way out if she wanted to win. She enabled the Italian, Giorgia Bronzini to win. Good exciting finish.

Okay. Better get packing. Hope everyone’s weather is as nice as it is here in Kansas.

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  1. trey harrison

    Exciting run-in to the finish.
    Noticed Vos literally falling off her bike from exhaustion after the line.


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