Lawrence River Trails

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We were on our way back from Wisconsin and decided to stop and ride in Lawrence, Kansas, on the River Trails. If you have never ridden these trails, you should. They are on the North side of the river, East of the bridge. I used to race over in Lawrence a fair amount in days gone by, but hadn’t been on these trails for a long time. The Lawrence MTB Club have done a great job of keeping them in great shape. The trail is so smooth right now that you could ride your road bike on them and not have too much trouble. Better yet, just take your cross bike over there for some bike handling practice and great riding. It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday and it didn’t seem too bad back in the woods in the shade. It was a nice way to wrap up a long drive. I need to do more MTB riding this fall.

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  1. Hudson Luce

    pics I took on the Riverfront Trails 7 years ago:


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