One day until Chequamegon

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Nothing much new. Got back and was soaked from riding. Spray from the trail and puddles. Yesterday Bill, Vincent, Kent and Katie (tandem) rode virtually the whole Chequamegon course. I was riding pretty easy. It was probably 3:00 pace or so. Everything was wet since it rained nearly 3 inches the night before. I let some more air out of my tires. It is so weird riding so little pressure. I can’t get by with that in the race, but the last hour and a half I had around 15 psi. It was a sweet ride, but I’d burp them for sure at that pressure in the race. I’m getting a little nervous. I feel pretty good. That’s almost worse that feeling iffy.

Jeff Bradley, Deb Wood, Tom Schuler and a couple others showed up yesterday afternoon. Catherine showed up after midnight and quickly settle into the sauna. That wasn’t for relaxing, it is where she is sleeping. It is getting pretty crazy around here.

Okay, got to go claim some oatmeal before it disappears. I’ll update again later.

Jeff Bradley always shows with treats from the bakery in Hayward. They were gone in 12 hours.

Jeff had attempted to open up this wine with the corkscrew, only to find that it was a screwtop. Deb Wood is obviously proud of Jeff's feat.

The back of Lisa's head while she is browning the gnocchi.

Salad photo.

Here is the sweet Eriksen titanium tandem.