Two dozen riders???

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Sources: anti-doping authorities preparing cases against up to two-dozen domestic racers.

That was the headline at the Velonews article that Neal Rogers wrote yesterday. Click here for the full article. I hate articles like this. I’m going to know a lot/most of these guys. It is going to depress me. And anger me. There is no question in my mind that everyone that Joe names is guilty of something. Guilty enough that they should move on and do whatever they were planning to do after cycling. Maybe euthanizing animals, since they are so familiar with needles and such.

Two dozen guys. Shit. That is 25% of a 100 rider race. And that is just the number of riders Joe Papp was selling drugs to. It is amazing. And master racers? WTF? There is no justification either way. If you need to take drugs to race again a bunch of masters, then you should probably just be spend your weekends smoking pot, sitting on your couch, watching Baywatch. It is the same amount of fulfillment.

The line I hate in this article is – “The names will not be announced publicly until and unless the individual cases are resolved against the riders” Screw that. If they are being charged with a doping violation, then charge them and make it public. They can still defend themselves.

Come on guys, this is getting so, so old. I’m sick of it. There is no shame riding your bike slower. And shame doesn’t even come close to being a word to describe what you’re doing to your friends and sport.

And this article about Lance and his defense. You’re in a bad state if you have to hire a political spin doctor to speak for you about doping violations.

Obviously the penalty for the doping violations isn’t close to enough to persuade guys from using drugs. That needs to be addressed. Again. That is going to take awhile. I see that Floyd is going to World’s in Australia to talk at the anti-doping conference there. I’d like to have a seat at that conference.
That would be worth the plane ticket.

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  1. Ken Harkin

    I live the motto “no shame riding your bike slower”. Still trying, but…age, kids, job, lousy genetics.

    Saw there was a study out of UAB that listed a number of things potentially responsible for obesity and they listed “central heat/air conditioning” as one of the big 3 (others were less sleep, decreased smoking, increasing age of first time mothers, change in ethnic make-up of the US).

  2. TL

    I would agree with the “make the names public” statement, if the press would give the same amount of time and headlines when someone is found to be innocent or falsely accused as when someone just makes an accusation. But that is not the way the world works. Front page when accused, back page or nothing if acquitted.

  3. David Henderson

    I agree with TL and would add that being falsely accused can be a pretty big deal especially when in print.

    Concerning drugs and cheating in cycling: I would suggest the biological passport method (for elite/pro if possible) and random drug testing at some amateur and pro races (there are basically very little to none).

    My understanding is that money is one of the big reasons that testing isn’t done. I have heard the tests are quite expensive.

    One possible solution would be to add a fee to racing licenses for the sole purpose of drug testing. Additional funds could come from donations from public who are against doping.

    One goal of a “dope” testing group/committee would be to show that there is at least a chance that they will catch cheaters. I would suggest collecting lots of samples, but only randomly testing some. This would keep the cost down, but would present a real threat that a rider could actually be caught. (no more wild west).

    No matter what, I still love the sport, and I believe it will survive!

  4. kim

    usa cycling needs to decide whether it is trying to deter future behavior or punish past behavior.
    their current practice of coddling and protecting does neither. and it certainly does NOTHING to protect the sport. if these folks [the dirty 2 dozen] are believed to have cheated, out them and oust them at once. otherwise, those of us who race and train clean are being punished.

  5. Jazzy

    It is funny that since Lance Armstrong was never caught for doping that he is actually a huge endorsement for doping by showing that the tests are not effective.

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  7. Tommasini53

    The comments at the end of the VeloNews article are interesting. I vote yes for lining up guilty masters racers for repeated kicks to their nuts.

    I’m buying a pair of steel-toed Red Wings.

  8. John

    Thanks Steve for your comments. I am so sick of guys at your level and above being silent on the drug issue. Armstrong being a huge offender towing the line of a “code of silence”.

    I have raced against you several times in Texas and Oklahoma. It has been an honor and much more of an honor now.


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