New Cat

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My brother, Kris, brought home a new cat a couple weeks ago. It is a full grown cat. That are 4 cats here now. I don’t really mind. 4 cats aren’t much more trouble than 2 cats. I am most likely allergic to cats, but that doesn’t matter either. I like animals enough that I can’t let stuff like that come into play when deciding whether they are around or not. I don’t really think you can own animals. I think you can take care of animals and be responsible for them, but you can’t own them. They live with you by choice. At least domesticated animals do. I suppose most fish and birds wouldn’t hang around too long if given an opportunity to take off.

This cat isn’t a normal cat. It goes on the dog walk. It doesn’t seem to be fazed by much. Two nights ago, a crazy storm came through at 3 am. Lightening, thunder, rain and wind. I had opened the window and shades by the bed to hear and see the storm. This cat jumped up on the bed and climbed out the window and disappeared into the storm. That isn’t a normal cat trait. I’d bet that I could just throw this cat into the van and go to St. Louis with no issues. And the cat would be with me on the return trip. It is fun having new blood around the house.

This is how comfortable this cat can get. This was nearly the first day Bromont and her met.