Glencoe- US Professional Criterium Championship and then my race

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Okay. Just got back from Glencoe. It was surprising good race to be at. To race and then to watch. I’m not normally much into watching races that I think I should be racing, but this wasn’t a problem today. After racing the 1/2 race, I had no desire to race another hour in the PRO race. It was muggy. The course was hard. Way harder than it looked on paper or in pre-ride. I’ll post more later. The PRO race was one of the best criteriums that I’ve seen in quite awhile. And how about Levi smearing JHK and others in Leadville? Wow. Didn’t really see that, but I don’t know anything about his MTB background.

Recovery drinks at dinner late in Evanston.

1/2 Results. 11th - check previous posts.

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  1. asphalt_juheesus!

    Leadville’s course is service roads. Some of them are in bad shape, but still service roads. The descents are not the technical stuff a JHK would need to take time out of a UCI roadie.

    The difficulty is the altitude and the number of climbing meters.


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